An authorized golf association must periodically review Ratings of courses and revise them as necessary.
Newly constructed courses change rapidly in the first few years and must be re-rated within five years.
An established course must be re-rated at least every 10 years, even if it has not been changed in any way.
A course must no longer use its USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating if its ratings are more than 10 years old and
scores recorded on that course may not be posted to a player's scoring record.
Each course must contact an authorized golf association within its jurisdiction to schedule a re-rating.

Rerating a course:
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When a course is rerated, a golfers' handicap differential will be changed on a go forward basis only. Prior scores will remain stable.

Handicap Manager, League Manager, and Tournament Manager DESKTOP EDITIONS:
When a course is rerated a golfers' historical handicap differential AND future handicap differential will be altered. Therefore it is important when a course is
rerated to create a new course (with a new name) and use this course from that point forward.
We recommend a naming convention such as: (course name rerated yyymmdd)

Common spellings: re-rated, rerated, re rated, re-rating, rerating, re rating