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Different slopes, ratings, and hole difficulties for men and women

Our course has 5 sets of tees. Four of these are rated for men, and two are rated for women. I have just started using Handicap System (online), and when I set up our course, I could not figure out how to handle these issues:

Issue #1:  Our Black, Blue, and White tees are only rated for men, and our Red tees are only rated for women, but the system seems to require slopes and ratings for both. So for our Gold tees, which has ratings and slopes for both men and women, this was no problem. But the system seems to require women's ratings and slopes for the Black, Blue, and White tees, which do not exist. And it requires men's rating and slope for the Red tees, which do not exist.

Issue #2: The hole difficulty ratings ("handicaps") are different for men and women, and I don't see how to handle that in this system. For example, the "hardest" hole for men is hole #4, and the hardest for women is hole #5.

If there is a way to handle these issues in the software as is, I would appreciate an explanation. If not, I will make this a feature request.

Duane Bender

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To answer your questions:

Issue 1. The program was designed to require men & women's information for each tee. If it's a single gender tee, most of our customers use the same data for both or you can make up your own for the non-playing gender.

Issue 2. If Men & Women have different hole handicaps, we recommend creating two separate tees. (For example, Green - Men & Green - Ladies)


Hope this helps, Support Team


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