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How to modify Player Portal login screen

On the Player Portal login screen, I would like to add a bullet and link to our website.  I was able to get to the Design screen for Player Portal, but I'm having trouble making changes/additions to the screen.

 In GolfSoftware (online), hover over the golfer/logo in the upper left corner and then select "Customize" under Player Portal section.

Due to reasons unknown to me, some members cannot access "Sign Up" when the GolfSoftware interface is set to "Inside" website.  I reset all "signup", Peer Review links to "Outside the website to accommodate this apparent outdated OS deficiency.  Now everyone can get to Golfsoftware, but many complain that when finished with "Golfsoftware" data, they can't get back as easily as the would like.  Is there a way to provide a universal "return to my site" button that can be activated with one website linkage for all capabilities?

We have noticed issues in the program depending on which website browser is being used.
Any idea if they have the same issue if a different browser is being used? Support


Sorry for the delay, but I did not survey the browser used.  Will do and get back to you.  Could have future impact on our IT configuration in the future.

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