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Sign-up -- Confirmation Email

I designed a simple sign-up sheet.  The system generates the online confirmation message.  But I can't figure out how to generate the confirmation email back to the registrant.  I don't seem to have the "confirmation email" box on the Design screen.

Please see Design Confirmation Email. Note that you cannot use an of email address in the "From" box.

Yahoo! and AOL have recently changed their email policies that affects the Confirmation Email. Please see this April 11, 2014 post from the Yahoo Mail Team and this April 22, 2014 post from the AOL Postmaster. Regarding this issue, you can see this posting at Mail Chimp who specializes in sending out emails to groups.

In effect Yahoo! and AOL now do not allow you to use your or address when you email all of your golfers/members. They consider that spamming or spoofing. You will have to use an email address in the "From" box that ends in something other than or One alternative would be to sign up for a free Gmail account and use your new address in the "From" box. If you have another email address you could use in the "From" field, please try that rather than your or email address. Unfortunately we have no control over policies such as this.

You can create an email group in your Yahoo! or AOL account and use that to send emails to your golfers. If you need help doing so, you will need to consult Yahoo! or AOL.


When I go to "Design Sign-up", I don't have an icon for "Confirmation Email".  I have an icon for "Confirmation" (which is the online confirmation message), but not one for the "email" itself.

When a signup has no fee, you'll see the following icons including confirmation email:

When there is a fee, you'll see the following icons:


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