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Auto fill name and email address

I would like a real simple sign up sheet.


All the golfer needs to do is click a register button.


Since, the golfer has logged in, the system should know his name and email address.

The system would automatically supply this information.  You do it behind the scene or fill in a name, email box automatically.

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Automatic sign up sheet would be very useful as long as there is the option to override the info that has been inserted automatically. (e.g. send email notifications to a different email address)

This would reduce potential errors eg. in email addresses

There may be a designated field in a players profile designated for sign up emails, as a player may have 2 or 3 emails addresses (which one to chose?)

I think it's a great idea to find a simpler method and I feel using your ID should be sufficient. After inputting your ID you should be able to confirm that the info is correct. If you use your own Website like we do you aren't necessarily logged in so it can't be automatic.


This feature would be extremely useful to our club as all of our sign-up require that the member log in first.

Our old system had this feature and our members would very much like it back.

Greater accuracy, ease of use are important.


Alex Gruber

I have asked for this feature over 11 months ago.

Most web browsers have auto-fill capabilities.
No need to wait for us to add it to the program! Support


Auto fill for most wouldn't fill correctly. This shouldn't be a big deal to program and it seems that quite a few people think it would add a great deal especially eliminating errors, which happens so often it isn't even funny.


You may be correct, but most players have enough trouble just trying to use signup and they aren't computer experts by any stretch of the imagination. I don't understand what the big deal is to add this.


This is a very surprising response to an issue that has been on the agenda for approx. 1 1/2 years now.

Many of your users have very limited computer skills, and to suggest that the solution is auto-fill is most inappropriate. 

Obviously, many users do not have this option, nor would I have to deal with this issue as an administrator with incorrect email addresses if the solution was that simple ??

What is so difficult at your level to simply add the auto fill feature to your program ????????????

Enough is enough.

By the way, the online version of TM was promised well over one year ago ?

What is the most recent date for this upgrade. 

I note that our renewal date is upcoming at the end of the year. 

Ron Peters 

FGT Golf Club

Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information on when this feature will be added to the program.

We hope to have more information on the online TM release soon.

Sorry, Support Team


The latest response is very disappointing. All of us appear to be loyal customers and it is a shame that we can't seem to get real improvements and everything takes much too long.


What's happening concerning this request?


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