What new features are we working on?

Online version of Tournament Manager. It will become a part of GolfSoftware (Online).

Projected date: Summer 2014

Even the mighty Microsoft isn't always on time, if ever. It's the nature of software.

As mentioned before, the first iteration is not going to do all that Tournament Manager Desktop Edition does. The reverse is true as well. Tournament Manager Desktop will never do what the Web Edition in some instances can do. One such example is a live leader board which we're working on for the initial debut. The Web Edition will also include a native signup feature that the Desktop version does not have.

Regarding interfacing with GHIN, I'm not sure GHIN allows that. They have a management module for GHIN subscribers. However, I don't think they allow other programs to "tap into" their database via an API (application programming interface). At least I could not find any evidence online that they have an API.

With reference to the online Course Database, there are around 20,000 courses. Courses are administrator editable as well as allowing administrators to add courses that might not be in the database.


Steve, really looking forward to the web version.  I might have missed it but earlier you had targeted July.  Are you still shooting for that and if so do you have a particular date?

We're looking toward the tail end of July, Greg.


Any update Steve?

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