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A simple Sign-Up Sheet

 Let us know of any new features you would like to see in GolfSoftware (Online)

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I would like to give you an anticipated date. However, I do not have one yet.


Steve, I know we all appreciate the effort you an others or putting forth to release an online version of TM that can be used effortlessly on an iPad or Apple product without using a 3rd party app like Fusion or Parallels so any update good or bad would really be appreciated.  

This effort has been on the table for sometime, and while there are other options that are available today, most of us are too loyal to switch in my view but at some point if our expectations are unrealistic we should better understand that. 

Steve, when do you anticipate the online version of Tournament Manager ??

Your initial projected date was last summer

Currently an administrator is able to import signups from GolfSoftware (online) to Tournament Manager (Desktop). However, the import signups (under Internet menu) is intended for administrators running tournaments where many, if not all, of the players are not part of a closed membership group. For instance, a golf course which runs tournaments and invites any who will come, rather than a closed membership list for which they already have a Tournament Manager roster created, could use the import signups to its advantage.

If an administrator has a closed membership list for which s/he has created a roster in GolfSoftware (online) and Tournament Manager, then the import signups feature is not recommended. Instead, the administrator should go to the Download Signups and download an alphabetically sorted list and then print it. This printed list would be the reference as the administrator uses the Signup Players tab in Tournament Manager.


When we debut the online Tournament Manager, how to go about doing the above will probably change.

I should be an integrated program where you create a Signup page, email out the notice to all members providing a link for Members to view signups to date, as well as  Sign up and Pay (if you are using that segment of the program, 

From this list, administrators should have the ability to easily create pairings and Tee Times using Tournament Manager, with the ability to email this information to players who have signed up. 

Additional emails to this select group should be available for any changes to times, pairings, etc. and final results

Thanks for the info - just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something if was all integrated.

Currently all our signups are manual - they either call or come to the pro shop to sign up, and it's manually written down on a list.  Then the Pro take the paper list and puts all the players in a tournament in Tournament Manager.  So at least a Sign Up page would automate the sign-up process, particularly if they pay via Paypal, which works very well.  Then the Pro would take that "automated" list and put it into Tournament Manager.  So it buys us (and the players) something.

Having the Sign up program available in the Website Portal works well for posting and emailing upcoming events to members. Not having the Tournament Manager program integrated creates a lot of extra work for the administrator, and significantly increases the potential for errors in signups and emails


So far I have not found a way.

I spoke with Steve Braun quite a while ago and he indicated he was working on it ??

I assume this option will be available when Tournament Manager goes online and will hopefully be fully integrated into the web based segments of the program??

I would recommend a simple pull down option available on the Sign Up page that auto completes a members sign up

This would prevent errors in such things as email addresses used to email out the tee times, results, changes, etc. 

Is there a way to get players on a SignUp sheet imported into a tournament roster in Tournament Manager?

I use an invitation each week and all I have to do is copy the prior week and hit send. Is it possible you can use the same generic sign up sheet using sign up solutions?
Ron, the ability to auto-fill player data after a player inputs their GSID is in the works...


We design and sent out invitations to our weekly rounds using the Signup portal which I access through the administrative level of the Web Design Portal.

I include a link to our website Home Page, where I post a Sign Up icon which players use to link (access) the Sign UP page I design for each week. 

Once at this Sign Up page, players currently are required to input their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. 

   - I need for the players to provide their Email addresses for each Sign up in order for me to have the ability to email the Sign Up through the Administer Signups section of the Sign Up section

A number of our players sign up for our weekly round of golf using their smart phones. To have to type in their First Name, Last Name & email address can be cumbersome. 

Would it be possible to  design the software to enable Members to Sign up with their GSID #'s, with the balance of the required fields being automatically filled in ??? Ideally they would access their GSID # through a Pull Down Menu on the Sign Up page ??

This would make it easier for players to sign up, and more importantly reduce potential error as players input their names and emails addresses, etc. 

This also would make it much easier to email the SignUps at the Administrative level of the Tournament Sign up segment of the software.

Thank you for your consideration of this request

Website Builder has a page type (under Program Tools when you're creating a new page) called "Survey/Question/Poll" that can be used as a simple signup sheet. Here's an example:

The results can be seen by anybody if allowed by the administrator as shown below:


A very good suggestion

  - that would be very useful for our group

On the web builder, I would like a simple Sign-Up Sheet which show all the members name. If a member wants to play that week, they just enter a “Y” in a box next to their name. If there a special tournament they have an option to enter a “T”. This allow our members to see who playing for the week.


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